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Stamping processing

Precision metal stamping processing is an important service of Hashimoto Precision. Over these years, Hashimoto Precision has always improved and upgraded its precision metal stamping process so that the stamping dies and parts can conform to customers' satisfaction.


Riveting is a precision metal stamping processing of joining two or more materials. That is to say, for materials that cannot be welded and bonded, riveting is used to connect them and to convert welding and bonding methods to improve production efficiency.

This technology has been used for years in household appliances and office automation equipment. It has been widely used in automotive electronic components, micro-motors, and more fields in recent years.


1.Riveting for special shape materials

Plate spring for
micro motors
Material C1720 T0.10 、C2680 T0.30
Processing mode Continuous die

2.Riveting for four materials

Safety valve for
Material EGC T0.80/SGCC T0.30/
SPCC T0.40/SK5 T0.30
Processing mode Continuous die

3.Riveting for silver contacts

Contact for white goods Material C5210 T0.50
Processing mode Silver contacts-T type; continuous die

Bending process

1.Complex shape processing

Bending processing is a specific precision metal stamping process. Hashimoto Precision is good at processing complex shapes, such as multiple closed bends, slender bends, and riveted bends. Because Hashimoto  Precision internally designs, manufacture and maintain dies, the shape and material characteristics can be considered even in complex drawings to find the best processing method for mass production.


2.Micro bend processing

Mass production has shown that minimum parts of automatic pencils with a minimum width of 0.5 mm can be processed through professional stamping technology - micro bend processing.

Micro bend processing makes precision stamping, riveting, and complex riveting processing can be achieved.

In addition, Hashimoto Precision keeps researching and developing micro-bend processing.


Sheet metal

Mass production:


Trial production:

2μm(t0.002mm)※titanium foil

Stamping is the process of placing flat sheet metal. Sheet metal stamping is a process of turning sheets of metal into a part or component. The sheet metal is processed through a press. Through the metal stamping process, sheet metal can be formed into a complex shape.


Added Business

1.Internalization of fixture, peripheral equipment, automation

In addition to dying technology, Hashimoto Precision also internally makes fixtures, peripheral equipment, and automata to improve productivity; trying to make products as fully automated as possible and reducing labor to ensure stable product supply and lower cost.

2.Production of various difficult-to-process materials

Hashimoto Precision is processing various difficult-to-process materials, such as phosphorus bronze, beryllium, and stainless steel.

In addition to the electric furnace which can heat treat beryllium copper, based on application, stainless steel can also be heat treated within the HSK group.

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Hashimoto Precision Metal (Shenzhen) Ltd

Address: No. 25, Xinfa East Road, Xiangshan Community, Xinqiao street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 518125, P.R.China

Tel: +86-755-27267875



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