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Everything You Should Know about Automotive Metal Stamping
Release time:2022-06-29 Views:1466

The automotive industry is evolving and quickly transforming into a fully automated sector. With technology redefining our daily lives, it makes sense that the automotive industry is experiencing significant changes. On top of that, thanks to
automotive metal stamping , it has become easier to produce and assemble many vehicles and immense machines.

For those new to the concept, automotive metal stamping is a manufacturing process allowing precise parts to be produced in specified shapes, suitable for mass production. No wonder this technology is acclaimed in many industries, especially the automotive field. If you want to learn more, read on to know everything about automotive metal stamping.


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Automotive Parts Produced through Metal Stamping

The stamping process in car manufacturing is sought-after because it helps produce various automotive parts. Here are some examples.

1. Car’s front and rear cover

They are standard automotive accessories that can be produced through metal stamping. With this technology, the car ’s front and rear cover are more solid to avoid damage.

2. Airbag blasting sheet

Metal stamping produces the standard airbag blasting sheet that ensures the buffer effect and maximizes the effects of the airbag.

3. The terminal bracket of doors and windows

Worth mentioning is that the stamping process in even motor manufacturing provides a more effortless and effective way to produce brackets in large numbers. Brackets produced with this technology have lighter weight and higher strength.

4. The steering wheel

It is an integral unit for a car, which is the key to staying centered on preventing any driving inconvenience. The steering wheel produced through metal stamping boasts high precision, making it easier to drive and stay safe.

5. Horn springs

They are other automotive parts easily made by using stamping technology, with which various force springs are produced for different horn switches, making automotive metal stamping an ideal solution.

6. Spacers

Spacers are applied to almost all automotive parts and accessories, which come in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. Metal stamping is the best way to establish standard and optimal assembly distance, making it easy to produce spacers used in various multiple auto applications.


Apart from the aforementioned parts, there are many other parts and accessories produced by using the automotive metal stamping, such as Auto HVAC parts, clips and contacts, push nut fasteners, and horn switch regions.

Key Benefits of Using Metal Stamping for Your Automotive Needs

Automotive metal stamping is the perfect solution to satisfy most individuals’ automotive needs. Here are its strengths:

ü Cost-effectiveness

Enterprises always pursue cost-effectiveness, which can be achieved by using automotive metal stamping. It produces automotive parts on a large scale at a low cost, increasing efficiency and creating more value for you.

ü Material efficiency

Wastes come along with the production process inevitably. However, using metal stamping makes it possible to design and mold complex shapes precisely with minimal raw materials going to waste, making the most use of the material.

ü High automation

The greatest strength of automotive metal stamping lies in the remarkable accuracy that it brings. With such precision, automotive metal stamping guarantees the consistent quality of all automotive parts by minimizing errors.


Benefits of Choosing Hashimoto

Although metal stamping has such merits, it cannot maximize its effects without a reliable supplier. With so many suppliers on the market, Hashimoto stands out. As one of the best automotive metal stamping technology providers in the market, we are your perfect partner. Our automotive metal stamping technology has earned significant recognition worldwide. Here are the reasons:

ü Extensive experience

Specializing in precision metal stamping for 87 years, we own a whole set of metal stamping machines to produce the best high-precision automotive stamping part .

ü Strict quality control

We conduct the strict production process only to offer high-precision products to our clients. The accuracy of our metal stamping parts is up to ± 0.001mm, which is leading the industry.

ü One-stop service

Clients can enjoy services from die design to stamping mass production. Any customized requirements are acceptable here.


With such great merits and wide applications of automotive metal stamping, it is worth your investment. Hashimoto provides tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ automotive parts needs. We offer services from mold design to mass part production in a flexible manner convenient to you. If you want to find a trustworthy automotive metal stamping partner, we are always the best option.

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Hashimoto Precision Metal (Shenzhen) Ltd

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